Senior Clinical and Academic Program Director, Health Equity (UCAAN)

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UCLA Health
May 27, 2022
Los Angeles, California
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Senior Clinical and Academic Program Director, Health Equity (UCAAN)

Work Location
Los Angeles,CA

Job #25423

Work Hours
TBD, 4 days Monday – Friday with flexibility to meet deadlines

Employment Type

12 months, renewal subject to performance and funding availability

Salary Range
$101200.00 – $202600.00 Annual

Posted Date
May 26, 2022



You can make a difference in people’s lives every day. When you join UCLA Health, you’ll be working at an institution that provides leading-edge care to the people of L.A. and throughout the world. We provide our team members with the environment and support to do amazing work, because each and every one of them plays a vital role in our commitment to care.





The University of California ACEs Aware Family Resilience Network (UCAAN) is a multi-campus initiative that leverages the substantial interdisciplinary resources of UCSF’s and UCLA’s public health sciences campuses to screen patients for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and develop, promote, and sustain evidence-based methods to address the impacts of trauma and toxic stress. UCAAN is led and administered by two Principal Investigators (PI): one from the Department of Pediatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and the other from the Center to Advance Trauma-Informed Health Care (CTHC) at UCSF.

Over the past two years, UCLA Pediatrics and UCSF CTHC have collaborated with state and community partners to develop and broadly employ evidence-based training and guidance by leading the California ACEs Learning and Quality Collaborative (CALQIC), a 53-clinic, 7-region, 2-year statewide learning collaborative. The partnership of CALQIC and ACEs Aware has laid the foundation for ongoing development, refinement, and dissemination of evidence-based tools and strategies to screen and respond to childhood adversity. UCAAN provides the foundation for ensuring the sustainability, growth, and institutionalization of the State’s substantial investment in ACEs Aware and CALQIC.

UCAAN will focus on building and disseminating curricula for health professionals and other audiences to understand, address, and prevent the health impacts of toxic stress, as well as elevating protective factors, strengths, and resilience into the clinic and across networks of care.
Position Summary

Under the direction of the UCLA Principal Investigator (PI), the Senior Clinical and Academic Program Director (Sr. CAP Directors) serve as members of UCAAN’s executive team, providing executive physician leadership for key clinical functions and offering a clinical perspective tempered by a keen understanding of business principles and organizational behavior.

The Sr. CAP Director, Health Equity oversees UCAAN’s Clinics and Communities department, supervising the work of the department director and clinical advisors, and providing guidance, support, and continuity for UCAAN’s clinical and academic initiatives, including the launch of a large statewide learning collaborative focused on ACE screening and the development and implementation of a statewide health equity strategy.

Major Responsibilities

Manage a team of experienced clinical coaches and coach supervisors, maximizing the strengths and talents of each team member.
Work closely with advisory boards and committees, including the ACEs Aware Trauma-Informed Primary Care Implementation Advisory Committee, the Community Council, and the Indigenous Communities Workgroup to engage their members in reviewing and improving ACEs Aware work products to be more culturally competent.
Oversee the development and execution of UCAAN’s equity framework, including curricular development, training for fellows and faculty, and presentations to external audiences.
Work with the Clinical and Academic Programs Directors to set clinical and academic program strategic priorities, develop workflows, and oversee content produced by Clinical and Academic Programs teams with a specific focus on equity and diversity.
Provide an internal leadership presence that clinicians and faculty members can look to and rely upon.
Work with external organizations and experts to lead and coordinate the development of clinical guidelines and white papers that incorporate an understanding of ACEs and toxic stress in the management of ACE-Associated Health Conditions
Review and approve Clinics and Communities staff contributions to UCAAN progress reports to the CA Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and the Office of the Surgeon General (OSG).
Act on behalf of the co-PIs and the Director on a variety of clinical and academic matters, such as interacting with State officials, Medi-Cal managed care plans, medical associations, and community leaders.
Support academic advancement of ACEs science through educational activities that include the UCAAN faculty department leads, UCAAN fellows, and faculty participating in academic pilot projects.

With the Executive Team (PIs, Director, and Finance Director)

Serve as a thought leader within the Department of Pediatrics and DGSOM on issues related to equity and diversity
Review and approve the Clinic and Communities Department’s strategic plans that include defined organizational strategies, deliverables, and measurable goals that are aligned with the overall UCAAN strategic plan.
Work closely with the co-PIs to develop big picture strategies to promote and sustain evidence-informed methods to screen, treat, and heal from toxic stress and other impacts of childhood adversity.
Position UCAAN as a vital partner for change in California’s healthcare system, with a particular focus on Medi-Cal managed care plans and clinics that serve Medi-Cal participants.



I've been blessed to touch so many lives through my serving. It's a privilege to uplift other employees with words of encouragement and a smile.



The first thing i noticed when i joined the team was how everyone is very welcoming and friendly with supportive management. I did not feel like an outsider.



Once I joined, I knew UCLA Health was THE place to be due to the growth potential and training offered



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