Manager of Training and Compliance

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UCLA Health
April 22, 2022
Los Angeles, California
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Manager of Training and Compliance

Work Location
Los Angeles,CA

Job #24094

Work Hours
Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm

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Salary Range
$5616.67 – $11116.67 Monthly

Posted Date
April 22, 2022



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You can make a difference in people’s lives every day. When you join UCLA Health, you’ll be working at an institution that provides leading-edge care to the people of L.A. and throughout the world. We provide our team members with the environment and support to do amazing work, because each and every one of them plays a vital role in our commitment to care.





Knowledge of UCLA computer systems in order to enter and manipulate data on computerized financial programs/downloads including Dean’s Office QDB, FPM, PAC/BruinBuy & UCPath.

Demonstrated skill in managing a multi-function staff in recruiting, selecting, training, supervising, evaluating and disciplining all levels of staff employees.

Skill in developing short and long term goals in the area of overall research administration.

Knowledge of university and agency policies and procedures relating to contract and grant administration.

Demonstrated experience in interpretation and hands-on application of accounting, budgetary and auditing principles and practices in a University or non-profit environment.

Working knowledge of University financial ledgers and accounting systems.

Ability to initiate and implement novel solutions to various financial problems.

Demonstrated skill in preparing short/long range budget projections and analyzing reports.

Mathematical skills and experience sufficient to monitor expenses, analyze costs, and prepare
budget projections on financial statements using spreadsheet/database  programs.

Demonstrated skill in use of IBM-PC computers with demonstrated knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PageMaker, Power Point, Adobe, PureEdge, etc. in a windows environment.

Demonstrated skill in analyzing expenditures in order to identify any discrepancies or potential problems that are in conflict with agency and internal guidelines.

Ability to work with minimum supervision and set priorities to meet competing deadlines. Req. varying demands, changes in priorities and competing deadlines.

Demonstrated skill in use of TOF system, UCPath, PAC/BruinBuy, Travel Express, Online Non-Pear, Online Recharge, PAN system, online Department Deposit, eRA Commons, Dean’s Office FPM & QDB & Financial Reporting Application, OPRS RATs system,, Cayuse, online Financial Web Reports, CDW and other electronic systems.

General knowledge of University purchasing, travel, and procurement policies and procedures.

Ability to prepare computer-based analytical and administrative reports and correspondence in a clear, concise and appropriate manner to be utilized as management tools correspondence in a clear, concise, and appropriate manner to be utilized as management tools.

Experience interacting with financial personnel in other departments as well
staff in EFM, OCGA, Corporate Accounting, Internal Audit, Grad Division, and Gift Policy.

Excellence in interpersonal skills to interact effectively with faculty, committee members, and staff to negotiate, exchange ideas, and to arrive jointly at decisions.

Ability to function as a liaison in a complex dept with multi-million dollar budgets/funding.

Experience with procedures on gift acceptance and processing with the Regents and the UCLA Foundation.

Ability to learn new systems, and adapt to changing environments.
Demonstrated ability to write concise, logical and analytical reports that are appropriate to a wide variety of audience





I've been blessed to touch so many lives through my serving. It's a privilege to uplift other employees with words of encouragement and a smile.



The first thing i noticed when i joined the team was how everyone is very welcoming and friendly with supportive management. I did not feel like an outsider.



Once I joined, I knew UCLA Health was THE place to be due to the growth potential and training offered



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